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Ade Gardner

Ade Gardner

SUPER League ace ADE GARDNER, who is currently the leading try-scorer in Super League for St Helens, said it was the people who made Barrow.
The 25-year-old winger said: “It’s all to do with the people. Every time I come back to Barrow, everyone is really complimentary to me.
“I’ve still got a lot of mates up there and it’s the people who make the area.
“All the boys who have been up to Barrow with me from St Helens and who meet lads from Barrow, they always say the same thing.
“Even if you meet people from Barrow out in Australia, there is always that little bit of a bond between people from the town. It’s a little bit special.”

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I too am passionate about the Barrow area having first arrived here 6 years ago and settled on West Shore Park. And I too like Hazel and a dozen other West Shore Park residents have had my home entered and my possessions stolen, and like Hazel - so far at least there's no sign of any arrests.

Then there's the discrimination. I didn't realise how endemic it was at first, but I'm disabled and rely on a mobility scooter for personal transport and find to my dismay that 14 years after the disability discrimnation act was passed into law I'm still denied access to redmans way and all all the other georgous scenic walks thanks to the use of inapropriate so-called motorbike barriers which prevent my legal access yet ironically enough allow motorbikes through.

Yesterday I decided to use the newly repaired slipway on Earnse Bay to take my dog for a run on the beach. Imagine my dismay when I reached the bottom of slipway to find that a barrier of large stones has been deliberately embedded in the sand. It's effect? You guessed it... three years ago I could get my mobility scooter onto the beach and now access to that has been denied too.

I love Barrow, but I hate discrimination more, and it's hard to keep on loving a place that doesn't love you back.

Posted by Coln Chadburn on 23 June 2009 at 06:55

I came here 10 years ago after living all over the world and loved the peace and safety. This changed a year ago when burglars discovered Walney.
I know that the police care and was grateful for he smartwatering of my possessions, but after a year they are no nearer to making any arrests and i feel that the advice is too centred on making us victims feel even more that we are responsible.
Of course we have to be careful but making the residents of West Shore Park feel responsible for the crimes committed against them will not solve the problem.
when the police appeared here today ( briefly and seemingly in a hurry to be gone ) I learned that a detective constable was in charge of the investigations.
As this is a very serious crime wave and as yet, after a year, no headway has been made, I would like to see this being upgraded.
I have read that Cumbria is one of the most crime free counties so surely more attention at the detection level could be paid to a situation that is making our lives a misery.

Posted by Hazel berry on 10 June 2009 at 21:25

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