Sunday, 07 February 2016

Approval given for Windermere lake rule changes

CHANGES to the rules which control safety and boat activity on Windermere have been approved by the government following extensive consultation with lake users.

The changes are to be implemented from October 13.

Letters are being sent to Windermere’s 3,500 registered boat users to explain the navigation by-laws and responsibilities lake users will now have to take.

The main features of the by-laws include:

  • Confirmation the speed limit on most parts of the lake is 10 knots (11.5mph), rather than the land-based statute 10 miles per hour, while other parts of the lake retain a six knot limit.
  • Exemptions will be allowed to the overall lake speed limit for special events in harmony with the aims of the Windermere Management Strategy and relevant national park policies.
  • Additional safety regulations for boats involved with water-skiing activity.
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