Saturday, 06 February 2016

Blitz crew on a high with new EP

A KAIZEN Blitz prepare to unleash their new EP with a live show tomorrow night.

NEW EP: A Kaizen Blitz perform at Barrow’s The Cross Keys tomorrow night to mark the release of their latest recording Harry Scott-Dempster

The Barrow ska-punk trio have a hometown show at The Cross Keys, where they will perform material from their debut recording, Sung in the Key of... Whatever.

Inspired by the likes of The Clash, The Specials and Rancid, AKB have been laying waste to audiences locally and further afield for the best part of 18 months, headlining a number of ska nights in the region.

They entered East Beach Studio, in Barrow, in the spring, and came out with five tracks that make up the EP, which will be on sale at the show.

Frontman and guitarist Jono Pryor says: “It’s 15 minutes of high energy, fast-paced music that tells the story of the way we see society declining and the effect it’s had on us.

“If we were to compare the way we sound to anything, it would be The Clash mixed with Green Day mixed with The Specials, and with a bit of funky pop thrown in – people hear things differently though.”

Since starting out early last year, the band have already been through six member changes, but seem settled with the current line-up – completed by bassist James Sloan and Anthony Stagg on drums and vocals – which featured on the recording. Support slots with Ulverston ska favourites Bad Transmission and Manchester’s Jeremiah Ferrari have been a great showcase for their catchy, yet caustic, set, which has featured covers from the likes of Elvis and Shakira – and Jono is planning for more of the same in the coming months.

“It feels like we get a good audience response whenever we play, and we do our best to put on a high energy show to get people moving,” he says.

“I’m sure there’s a lot of people haven’t seen or heard us though, and we need to be out there gigging more. We’re hoping that our CD will be something that people can listen to and hear what we sound like.

“It definitely feels like we have something down that says “this is what we’re about”. There’s no more vague articulation when talking with people, or a fleeting glimpse when we’re playing, it’s now tangible and can be heard at a click. It also means when people like what they hear when we play we’ve got something they can take away and listen to.”

The free show tonight will get under way around 8.30pm, and support has yet to be announced.



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