Thursday, 11 February 2016

Chaos as drivers ignore diversion signs

MOTORISTS ignoring diversion signs have caused roads chaos in and around the village of Arlecdon, residents have claimed.

A diversion was put in place during the 10-day closure for resurfacing work of a short stretch of the A5086 that joins Frizington and Rowrah.

However, rather than make a 30-mile detour along the A595 via roundabouts at either end at Egremont and Cockermouth’s Shepherds Hotel, a large volume of traffic, including heavy good vehicles, has instead been using the main road through Arlecdon and adjoining side roads to bypass the one-mile closed section.

One Arlecdon resident told The Whitehaven News: “The village is up in arms. These roads – narrow, country lanes – simply aren’t adequate for the volume of traffic that has been using them, especially HGVs.

“It looks like a bomb site. Craters are developing in the roads, vehicles are getting stuck, the sides of the roads are churning up; it’s been horrendous.”

Another added: “It’s been crazy. You can’t blame motorists because they will always take the shortest route, but these roads are totally unsuitable as an option if the main road is closed.”

In response to the number of vehicles using the side roads, Cumbria County Council – which was carrying out the work – placed ‘no diverted traffic’ signs on the entrance to the roads; but a number of motorists continued to use them regardless.

The road was closed on August 9 and re-opened on Monday night, although a ‘stop and go’ system is still in place while the work is finished.

A spokeswoman for the county council said: “The closure on A5086 allowed essential resurfacing works to be carried out. There was insufficient carriageway width to allow the works to be carried out safely without a road closure. The road closure was advertised two weeks prior to being implemented and legal notices erected on site. A letter drop was carried out to affected frontages and advance ‘road closed here from...’ signs erected. The local quarry was also informed due to its large number of vehicle movements.

“All statutory consultees and others were also informed of the closure.

“Once the works had started and a significant number of vehicles started to use side roads so additional signs stating ‘no diverted traffic’ were erected.”

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I used that back road to Arlecdon a couple of times as I was only making a journey a few hundred yards beyond the road works and wasn't prepared to follow the diversion from Whitehaven to Cockermouth just to get to Arlecdon.
It was the ignorant drivers that created the issues - driving like it was their right of way and not pulling over to the side to allow easier passing of cars.
I also heard that police had been sitting within the road works and fining drivers for driving through that way at night times, which did not help the situation.
If a road is closed it is closed - not the sign and cones to the side to allow access for some and not others.

Posted by Jackie on 28 August 2012 at 13:28

I use this raod daily. There were no diversions signposted and I used the small road into Arlecdon several times (and even Red Back Road) twice, and drove through the actual roadworks once. This could have been done with traffic lights quite easily as the road was not even closed fully (for residents access.

Posted by Anon on 28 August 2012 at 11:26

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