Monday, 08 February 2016

Fine does not match the crime

SOMETIMES the punishment simply does not appear to fit the crime.

The fate of a man, who sparked a siege situation after he was seen wielding a crossbow at his home, is a case in point.

The number of officers involved in policing the incident will outweigh the £100 fine dished out to the offender by an incredible ratio.

Police say they are unable to pin a cost on the operation, but a conservative guess says it will have been a four-figure sum.

And that begs the question of why the sentence given to the offender was so apparently lenient.

It was accepted the defendant had mental health issues, and of course it was right they were taken into account as a mitigating factor.

But surely this was a case of taking matters too far.

NEWS that two of Barrow’s schools are planning to appeal the GCSE exam results of their pupils does not come as a surprise.

It has become clear there is widespread discontent on a national scale about the grade boundaries set by certain exam boards.

We must not be quick to judge the schools in question, which, on the face of it, appear to have failed badly in their quest for good results.

It is clear there are questions to be answered by exam board AQA.

But if, following appeals and inquiries, there is no significant lift in pass rates, tough questions will surely follow.

Harsher marking may well be the root cause of some lower grades. But it must not be used as an excuse.

We await developments in this case with interest.

By North West Evening Mail
Published: August 31, 2012


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