Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Jump in and help this become a great site for Windermere

The Great North Swim on Windermere 13-09-2008. The swimmers about to enter the water. JON GRANGER REF:0449717

 THERE'S something about Windermere that just makes people want to get involved. The Great North Swim proved that. 

The lake provides a focus, of course, but the communities of Windermere and Bowness are thriving and lively.

People here know what they want and they're not scared to speak up. Whether it's about the heated debate ove the 10mph limit or the need for better traffic controls, there are plenty of issues to go at.

Maybe you want to help form the community plan or have your say about the recent enhancement scheme or the controversial mini-roundabout.

The area also has unique issues to deal with - brought partly by the thousands of tourists that visit each year and the fact that it is set within a national park. 

And what about all the clubs and social events going on in Windermere that no-one gets to find out about?

Well, that's where Windermere Local comes in. It's your website to do with as you wish. The aim is for clubs and local groups to get involved so they can keep people informed aboutn what's going on.

Help keep the community in the loop by sharing what you know about the town with others through the Windermere Local website - brought to you by the North West Evening Mail. It doesn't cost anything to post information - or even your opinion - on the site.

To find our more information call 01229 840160 or use the email form below.


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