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Good people do still exist

IT is impossible not to be moved by the plight of brave couple, Clare and Paul Coulston.

As they face the unimaginable, the pair are resolute in their determination to ensure their two precious children are cared for financially and spiritually when they are no longer around to do so.

They could be forgiven for asking “why us?” For burying their heads in the sand and refusing to accept what the future holds.

But instead, they are facing what lies ahead together – as an unfaltering team.

The response since the Evening Mail first carried an article about the couple’s plight has been simply overwhelming.

They have been inundated with offers of help from the four corners of the UK. Strangers have pledged their support, moved, in some cases to tears, by the sheer bravery of the couple.

It is at times like this that we can positively reflect on the generosity of our fellow human beings.

And with that comes a realisation there are an awful lot of good people out there.

The help pledged so far will not change anything regarding the prognosis or Mr and Mrs Coulston – but it will help to secure a safe passage to adulthood for their children.

In doing so they can be assured they will have done all in their power to protect, provide and plan for their youngsters and their futures – like all good parents do.

By North West Evening Mail
Published: September 19, 2012


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