Tuesday, 09 February 2016

Have a ball – zorbing in Barrow Park

A NEW craze has hit Barrow. Children and adults alike have been taking to the lake in Barrow Park to try their hand at zorbing.

In a 70 by 50 metre enclosure, punters are sealing themselves in giant inflatable balls and rolling across the water.

Big enough to fit either one adult or two small children, the balls are pumped up with air and give about 15 minutes on the lake.

Crawford Blyth runs Blyth’s Boats in Barrow Park and bought four of the zorb balls to add to his boating company’s fleet.

Mr Blyth said: “It’s a bit like a hamster ball, but for human beings.

“I decided to take on a new venture a couple of weeks ago, and bought the zorb balls. It’s a bit like balancing on a skateboard.

“Once you get the hang of it, you can actually run in them.

“They have been a great success.

“Some people have been on them at holiday resorts, but it’s the first time they have come to Barrow.

“I have had adults and children in them. Everybody seems to enjoy it.

“We are open all day, but with only two balls, people are having to queue for a while, so it’s obviously popular.

“Some of the small children get a little scared when they first go in, but once they’ve got the hang of it and got their confidence up, they have a great time.

“They are on safety ropes so they can’t go any further than three quarters of the length of the roped off area.

“They have got to be kept away from the paddle boats.

“Unfortunately, I got two small tears in two, so we are down to two balls.

“They are reparable, but I have ordered two more from China which should arrive soon.

“It’s a bit of a novelty. Everybody thinks it’s a marvellous idea.

“New ideas always go down well and we are just keeping our fingers crossed for the weather.”

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Red Dave
And where pray tell do the governments, councils and quangos get their money from...?

Posted by Frank Davies on 12 August 2010 at 14:00

Frank. I think you'll find it was grants, councils and quangos that got the town's park refurbished in the first place. Didn't see many entrepreneurs stepping in when the park was a dump.

Posted by Red Dave on 12 August 2010 at 13:36

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