Thursday, 11 February 2016

A fully customisable social network for developers

Advertising feature. The market of social networking software can prove to be a financially rewarding one and is one that many companies are looking to branch out into as social network developers. Many customers have witnessed the success of social networks online and as they look to expand what they offer as a business a social element can be an attractive one. The task of developing your own software is a difficult and time consuming one, but there are solutions available that provide you with the tools to build a fully customisable social network that is rich with dozens of features.

Little work needs to be done when using the software available to create a social network, with a few tweaks needed here and there to tailor it to clients’ needs. The network can be white labelled and as a result the original branding, links and email references can be removed and replaced by your own or that of your clients. This allows you to present a bespoke social network to clients and make a considerable mark up with minimal work having to be done for the network to be seamlessly integrated and bolted onto existing websites.

When you are tweaking a social network for business the admin centre allows you to fully control the network and adjust specific settings. It is also relatively easy to do this through the simple point and click tools that are included as part of the package. You can customise the look of the network by adding a custom theme from the theme store and, through the layout manager, you can add unlimited custom tabs of content and place your own code and feeds.

The level of customisation that you choose to undertake is completely optional and you can equally customise a little or a lot. From the design and themes, to external feeds and access and privacy, every aspect of the white label social network can be tweaked and adjusted. The aesthetics of the network are very important and you can decide whether to use existing templates that are supplied or to disable the provided style sheets and write your own CSS if you want to.

Further customisation can also be achieved by making use of the widget store to add functionality and items of interest for members. Shopping cart widgets enable shopping functionality, whilst the visitor radar allows members to track people who are visiting their profiles. API access is also built in to allow you to interface with other software, and through this you can perform advanced developments and overhaul the layout and design of the network.

Through the social networking solutions for your clients that are great value you can create powerful white label social networks in minutes. These networks are not only fully customisable, but also include a whole host of features, from social network features such as video chat and activity feeds, to blogging features that include RSS syndication. You can perform extensive design and layout customisation to create a unique social network, and the fully hosted solution helps to keep things simple.



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