Sunday, 07 February 2016

Do Your Bit For The Planet By Making Your Office A Greener Place To Be

Advertising feature. You may not know this - but businesses in the UK have legal obligations to comply with certain energy performance targets and carbon reduction. This is so that they comply with the Carbon Reduction Commitment. The CRC is a new, mandatory climate change and energy-saving scheme for the UK aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions from large businesses.

So to show that you are complying with this new law if you are a business owner, it is your legal obligation to get an Energy Performance Certificate. An Energy Performance Certificate is something that says you are abiding by the rules of the CRC and are doing your bit to keep your business’s carbon emissions down.

Whilst there are a number of business’s that can provide you with one of these, British Gas Business is one of the best placed in the market to do so. This is because they have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Energy Performance Certificates and are one of the greenest energy suppliers in the UK.

You can get a free Energy Performance Certificate quote with British Gas Business and once you get your certificate you will also be eligible for free advice on helping to keep your commercial energy costs down and your carbon footprint to a minimum.

There are other ways that you can do this with British Gas Business, too. Why not switch to green electricity with British Gas Business and help neutralize the negative effects that your business has on the environment? Green electricity is electricity that comes from renewable sources and is the best way for your business to run in the greenest way possible.

Running on green electricity can also help you save money too because it means that the you get to pay a reduced rate when it comes to paying the Climate Change Levy that all businesses now have to pay in the UK.

One of the other great ways for your business to go green is through Smart metering. Smart metering is a service provided by British Gas Business which allows you to get a clear view of your company’s actual energy use. By doing this you can better manage the way that your business uses energy and come up with ways to reduce this. Smart metering could therefore save you money that could be better spent on running your business.

Following on from that, British Gas Business also provides metering and connections services so that your business can run more efficiently and to capacity at all times. Another way that British Gas Business can help to ensure that your business is running smoothly is with their business boiler maintenance and repair services. You can get boiler breakdown cover for your business and have your gas connections or electricity connections repaired or updated as well as getting the best energy efficiency support and advice around with the help of British Gas Business.



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