Sunday, 14 February 2016

Need for help in justice fight

DOTING mum, Helen Woods, is rightly angry that two months on from a hit and run incident involving her son, the offender remains at large.

Her despair is not aimed at the police on this occasion, but one of her townsfolk; the people with whom she rubs shoulders every day.

Among them, she believes, is the motorist responsible for knocking her son down, then driving away.

Her frustration is understandable. She wants, as any parent would, justice for her child. Luckily there have been no serious lasting effects for her son, apart from mild nerves when near roads. But this incident could easily have been more serious.

As with all unsolved crimes, there is someone, somewhere, with the vital piece of information police need to close this case. They should come forward now. If the motorist responsible for this incident has struck once, they may do so again.

THE debate on whether councillors should receive remuneration for their work is long-running.

Certainly, they should be reimbursed for out of pocket expenses – within reason – during the execution of their duty.

Whether the positions should be attract an “allowance”, or salary in common parlance, is another matter.

One might say such a position of responsibility should be rewarded.

But when such reward comes from the public purse, perhaps it is the voting public who should decide the level at which it is set.

By North West Evening Mail
Published: August 30, 2012


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