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Opening date set for Carlisle's new Sainsbury’s store

Carlisle's new Sainsbury’s store will open on October 10, creating 300 jobs.

Sainsbury's, Carlisle

Store bosses held an information day at the weekend, cooking up a storm with some of the products and hosting a fashion show in the Crown and Mitre hotel.

The supermarket chain said the £40m store would provide “a much needed boost” for the previously run-down Caldewgate area.

Work on the 60,000sq ft store began in March and job fair recruitment days in the summer saw nearly 4,000 people turn out.

David Morris, store manager, said he was ‘incredibly pleased’ to be announcing the opening date.

“The store opening will mark the culmination of many years hard work in bringing a Sainsbury’s to Carlisle,” he said.

“We have been working hard to bring Carlisle residents a new store to be proud of, while looking to improve what was becoming quite a run-down part of the city.

“I believe the new store, with the new jobs it has brought to Carlisle, will prove to be a real boost to our city.

“I look forward to welcoming all local residents when we open our doors for the first time.”

Mr Morris thanked people for their patience over the summer while roadworks installed a new traffic system in the Caldewgate area, leading to delays at peak times.

He said ‘any disruption will prove to have been worth it.’

Saturday’s taster day also included a raffle which will raise funds for the store’s charity of the year, yet to be announced.

At the event it was also announced that the store’s petrol station will open earlier than the store, on Wednesday.

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anon. I asked Andrew originally. I'm aware of the bike racks for any medical staff wishing cycle to the Cumberland Infirmary. I'm aware having met some using the present closed Waverley Viaduct, but I was unaware of location of bike racks for able bodied cyclist patients. I agree with Andrew with car parking their a problem. One Less Car. Many out of town shops don't have bicycle racks such as I believe those near Homebase. A small pot of paint do's not always need, or mean a car journey adding to city congestion. I found the Sainsbury's new entry/exit earlier last week fine but I had gone only for petrol and not on the day of opening, when obviously the carpark quickly became full. I'm informed pollution is now worse in Caldewgate with standing traffic. I myself was quickly past standing cars looking for spaces or the exit to notice any car fumes. Hmmm, grandchildren going to suffer in more than one in future with countries debts. A massive advertising trailer gussler parked allday next to the Joiners Inn. My bike Bud was first locked into the many Bicycle hoops before their official opening of 9am. I believe the whole time I was there checking my expensive folding MTB had not been nicked, upto almost 2pm only three bikes I believe used the hoops, no motorbikes at all? Anon. It is totally irresponsible to carry shopping bags on bikes without purpose made panniers available (various types (somehow some Dutch branded very large ones available for gents and ladies bikes) for fitting on bike carrier racks. Older folks might have known that a bike satchell was sufficient but inadequate for much other small purchases. Roll on were in a new century. On my last count I had bike trailers for kiddies, three for my dogs, bike cart and an american folding shopper trolley trailer with the many bags such as duffle/dry bags for camping. For city library (I don't hog along with heavy books) etc. I have Office/Messenger (with PC insert buffer for unwanted accidents) bags besides market place bags. For Sainsbury's being near my home I bought a couple of large German made shopping trolley bags that fit onto my USA made bike trolley/trailer. Putting continental bags on my folding yankee trailer is a bit like putting a ford engine in a lotus car but it works with saving my car's fuel for using in getting to the lake district instead of adding unbeknown health complications to the many folks wanting just to walk to the new store. I may add that non of my bikes (apart from one Raleigh) and most accessories are British most likely due to the former decline of the UK bike industry. I'm aware that the the British car industry almost went sameway. Motorbikes also, with the UK airplane industry thankfully stopped this week of these fatal foreign mergers that later sometimes rob our labour force.

Posted by Royl on 11 October 2012 at 17:12

I do for outpatients and visits. Other patients do and staff do.

Bags of shopping go in my panniers.

Try Morrisons rather than Tescos - cycle racks helpfully placed right next to entrance.

Posted by Andrew on 11 October 2012 at 17:07

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