Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Ospreys have eggs in nest

NEW life could be brought celebrated by the Lake District Osprey Project.

The team have confirmed that three new eggs are being looked after by the pair of Osprey nesting at Bassenthwaite.

It is not known exactly when the eggs were laid.

Observations by experts show that the female osprey is now spending most of her time on the nest, incubating her eggs.

However, she has been seen taking a break from maternal duties to take a quick bath in a nearby stream.

The male osprey has been focusing his efforts on making the nest site safe and secure.

He has been spotted regularly bringing in bits of moss, twigs and possibly even manure from the fields.

Incubation is carried out mainly by the female and usually takes between 37 to 42 days.

With luck, the eggs should hatch in late May or early June.

This year’s pairing at the lake is different from last season.

It involves what is thought to be the returning female osprey mating with a Bassenthwaite chick from 2007.

Ella Dixon, of the Lake District Osprey Project, said: “It is wonderful news that this new pairing has successfully mated and produced a clutch.

“We will now be waiting anxiously over the coming weeks, hoping that the chicks will hatch.

“There is always the risk that the older male will return and reassert his authority over his old territory by destroying the eggs.”


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