Friday, 12 February 2016

Report says Barrow shipyard owners BAE Systems may walk away from merger with EADS

BAE will walk away from a potential merger with aerospace firm EADS if the deal threatens its ties with the US, according to a report.

Business news website Proactive Investors United Kingdom reported a source close to the company as saying it would not go ahead with the deal if it was to jeopardise its relationship with the Pentagon.

The website said a Special Security Arrangement across the Atlantic specifies that BAE’s US leadership team is made up of Americans.

BAE and French firm EADS confirmed they were in merger talks earlier this month.

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This country should become a state of the USA,before Europe bumbles its way bouncing
along with country after country going bust with the out of control EU financial mess that is going to boil over.
America is our ally,not Europe,they only want our money and give us nothing back in return.
Past history should show that we do not belong in Europe,as it is a continent of in fighting between nations as to who is the boss Germany or France.
America,Canada and the Commenwealth should be our main concern,as the majority of the EU only want us for one thing.
To bleed us dry and to take our jobs.
We should cut all ties with Europe and stand on our own two feet,and get our youngsters back into work.
Europe has taken the Great out of Britain
and we are now just a bit player.
Thank God for BAE for standing up to the idiots of who propose a merger with the EU.

Posted by Dicky on 24 September 2012 at 16:37

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