Saturday, 13 February 2016

Sex offender who went on £50 booze binge is jailed after admitting to 'very serious'problem

A CONVICTED sex offender has been jailed for a year for breaching a court order.

Michael McShane, 46, was arrested on the evening of August 1 for a drunken jape in Lake Road, Bowness.

The incident happened soon after he was released from his latest prison sentence.

Police, alerted by members of the public because of the way he was behaving, found him bare-chested, with his trousers at half-mast and drinking from a sherry bottle.

He later told them he had withdrawn £50 from a bank that day and spent all of it on alcohol.

Police then discovered that, after a string of minor sex assaults on women and children, a Sexual Offences Prevention Order had been imposed on him 10 years ago in an attempt to control his behaviour.

At Carlisle Crown Court McShane, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to breaching the terms of that order – an offence that could have landed him with a five-year prison sentence.

It was his 283rd criminal conviction in a record that Judge Barbara Forrester described as possibly the worst she had ever seen.

Prosecuting counsel Brendan Burke told the court the order had been imposed in February 2011 – banning him from getting drunk in public – after an incident in which he groped a woman after drinking.

The court had decided that, when drunk, he posed a real risk of indecently assaulting women or children or exposing himself.

The court heard McShane admitted having “a very severe alcohol problem”.

A report from a probation officer said: “Because of his drinking, he has spent many years on and off in custody but these sentences have had very little impact, indeed no impact at all, on his behaviour.”


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