Friday, 12 February 2016

Standing water on roads in Barrow and south Cumbria as weather improves

WEATHER warnings for the Cumbria have been lifted after two days of heavy rain.

Blue sky has appeared over Furness as the wet weather has stopped.

The Environment Agency has today confirmed flood warnings are no longer in place for the River Duddon and River Crake

Standing water remains on roads in and around Barrow, the A595, A590 and A5093 but no roads have been reported as closed.

Motorists are encountering a build up of surface water on the A595 at Ireleth due to the persistent rain.

Yesterday Cumbria's police had also advised drivers to slow down, take care and be particularly aware of any motorcycle riders around them. In turn, bikers are urged to be particularly cautious when rounding bends and to avoid travelling at high speeds.

Cumbria police said it dealt with more than 30 separate incidents of highway flooding overnight, with many of the roads in the county being affected by surface water.

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I agree with Phil,if a train had been wrecked by a landslide or fallen into the sea the outcry would have been,Why did they allow it to travel.When a plane crashed near Shap some years ago,I( after leaving Barrow at 12pm)didn't get home to Glasgow Central until after midnight.Having had to be bussed from Preston.Complaining was the last thing on my mind.One also sees this at snow bound airports.If these people aren't concerned about their own safety why don't they consider the safety of the train or air crews doing their best to get them to their destinations.

Posted by wbrown on 26 September 2012 at 08:35

Chaos yesterday, i now know how those people felt in New Orleans and Australia, get a grip, jeez

Posted by T Krul on 26 September 2012 at 07:25

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