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Walney family blasts firefighters after dog killed in street

A FAMILY claims the death of their dog could have been prevented if more care had been taken by the emergency services.

Abby-Gayle Evans and Damian Tripney’s dog Wigzy was found dead on Friday evening after being run over in Dominion Street, Walney.

The two-and-a-half-year-old border terrier had fled the family’s home after a fire broke out several hours before.

Miss Evans claims the death of their pet would not have happened if fire officers had made sure the dog was safe and well after the blaze.

She told the Evening Mail: “On Friday, we went out for the day and it was quite hot so we decided to leave the dog in the yard but then a fire started in the shed.

“Our neighbour called the fire brigade and they arrived, kicked the back door in and put the fire out.

“But they didn’t secure the gate and the dog got out and was running in the street for a few hours and then got killed by a car.

“The fire officers could have taken him to the pound or given him to one of the neighbours.

“They said that apparently they secured the gate but there was no way they could have because it was bent in.”

Miss Evans said she has been left very upset by the incident and that she did not hear about the dog’s death, which happened at 5.25pm, around four hours after the fire, until she returned home.

She said she was also angry when she discovered their neighbour had been told to leave the dog’s body in the street over the weekend.

She said: “The guy who found the dog phoned the police and they said it should be left there until Monday and the council would clean it up.

“I find it disgusting and absolutely disgraceful that it would have been left there for everyone to see, especially the children who play in the street.”

Miss Evans said she wished to thank the man, who lives in Vengeance Street, for collecting Wigzy’s body and bringing it back to them.

A spokeswoman for Cumbria police said collecting a dead dog is the responsibility of Barrow Borough Council.

Barrow fire station locality manager Roger Exley said officers had left the property as secure as possible.

He said: “It is unfortunate as the officers would never wish any ill will on anyone.

“It is our job to leave the premises as secure as possible and, if there was anyone there, to give the dog to them.

“We need to gain entry to a property and sometimes we have to force entry. We have a statutory duty and that’s what we’ve done.

“It’s unfortunate and they would never see anybody or anything done any harm.”

Barrow Borough Council was unavailable for comment but the council’s website states any dead animals will be collected within 24 hours by waste contractors Biff.

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In reply to S.EDWARDS comment.... The dog should not of been left on its own all day! I'm sure it was well within the dog owners capabilities to take better care of the dog or make sure it was tied up properly! Or better still make sure it wasnt left on its own all day! The fire service should of left the fire and let the place burn down, then see how much they want to slate the fire and rescue service! These brave men and women risk their lives on a daily basis and the evening mail does no coverage of those stories! Shocking!

Posted by sympathy on 20 August 2012 at 11:52

Lots of lovely sympathetic people commenting here showing how clever they are with the gift of hindsight. I don't think it would have been to much trouble for the fire service to make sure the property was properly secured before leaving after all thats what they are paid for. They obviously didn't because the dog got out. Its one thing to be thankful to the fire brigade, but that does not absolve them of blame and surely making a back yard door secure was well within their capabilities .

Posted by s. edwards on 19 August 2012 at 10:07

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